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Presentation: NixOS - Reproducible Linux Distribution built around systemd

Nixos hires

We will look at how Nix (the package manager) and NixOS (Linux distribution) work, what makes it different from other Linux distributions and how can you in general benefit from (build) reproducible build tool such as Nix.

Topics that will be covered in my talk:

- ( 5') Introduction to the topic of reproducibility
- ( 5') Basic idea of how Nix works and achieves build reproducibility
- (10') How Nix ideas are extended to whole linux distribution and how we (ab)use systemd
- (10') Demo: Reproducible & declarative systemd containers with NixOS
- ( 5') Demo: Development environments with `nix-shell` & direnv
- ( 5') Demo: How do we do system testing with NixOS
- ( 4') Demo: How to build and test .deb/.rpm packages with Nix
- ( ?') If more time there are many other demos I can do:
- How to do kernel development
- How to manage NixOS installations in the cloud via NixOps
- How to manage vim configuration and plugins with Nix
- How to use npm2nix / go2nix / cabal2nix / pypi2nix tools to help you generate Nix expressions
- ( 1') Final notes


Day: 2016-09-30
Start time: 11:35
Duration: 00:40
Room: Main stage
Track: Plumbing and Distributions



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