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Using systemd to run X11/Mir sessions

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Design, current state, experiences, and bugs/missing features that we ran into in Ubuntu when converting the session-centric upstart-driven graphical sessions (GNOME, Unity, XFCE etc.) to the user-centric systemd/D-Bus model and systemd units.

Ubuntu is currently transitioning from session upstart/D-Bus to user systemd/D-Bus. Both transitions are still fairly unchartered territories in distributions/products, and uncovered a range of design challenges, missing features, and bugs in systemd and some other parts in the plumbing stack.

The presentation will be roughly 25 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of Q&A and group discussion.


Day: 2016-09-29
Start time: 11:40
Duration: 00:40
Room: Main stage
Track: Plumbing and Distributions



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