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Presentation: Bring your own language: tales from go & rust bindings

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systemd has a variety of fancy features in its large C codebase, and most of them are exposed via external interfaces. The main integration points are the libsystemd API and services that systemd exposes over D-Bus. However, nowadays a lot of projects written in foreign languages may need to interoperate with systemd, and thanks to bindings, can do so without getting lost in the complex low-level details.

This talk will provide an overview on libsystemd and some experiences from working and contributing to Go and Rust bindings for it.


The presentation is aimed at anybody interested in modern programming languages (Go/Rust), systemd interoperability and services integration.


Day: 2016-09-30
Start time: 17:40
Duration: 00:35
Room: Main stage
Track: Miscellaneous



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